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Liveblogging Microsoft’s E3 2009 Press Conference
Up to the minute updates from this year’s conference.
By Andrew Joy 06/01/2009 12:21:52 PST

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Xbox 360

The media briefing has begun, and we've just seeing the intro for the upcoming The Beatles: Rock Band. – 06/01/09 10:34:36 PDT

Lots of hype for The Beatles: Rock Band still; an on-stage band just played a song in it and now we're seeing ten of the songs to be included in the game, along with the first official trailer. – 06/01/09 10:41:47 PDT

The song "All You Need is Love" will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of the game, with all of the proceeds going to the charity Doctors Without Borders. – 06/01/09 10:44:32 PDT

Still The Beatles: Rock Band. Some surviving members of the families just came out...and then walked off again. Now Paul and Ringo have come out and rambled a bit. It looks like they're moving on now. – 06/01/09 10:48:52 PDT

A member of Microsoft is explaining how this is going to be a good crisis for the console maker, too. He's announced that we'll see the debut of ten new games today and some "revolutionary" new Xbox experiences. – 06/01/09 10:51:05 PDT

Tony Hawk's taken the stage now to promote Activision's upcoming game, Tony Hawk: Ride. He's showing off the new skateboard controller. – 06/01/09 10:52:46 PDT

He's showing a new trailer. It features a bunch of pro skaters talking about their sport and, of course, about the game. In action, the board actually looks pretty intuitive. – 06/01/09 10:55:48 PDT

Square Enix is up now, showing off the first footage of Final Fantasy XIII; it's all being translated. The game is aiming for a Spring release. – 06/01/09 11:02:26 PDT

Now we're going to see some Xbox 360 exclusives with Cliffy B and some guy with a broken mic. – 06/01/09 11:03:44 PDT

Now they're showing a "massive" Xbox LIVE Arcade shooter called Shadow Complex. There's over 120 items with a campaign over 10 hours long. – 06/01/09 11:05:17 PDT

Shadow Complex is coming this summer. Cliffy B and Donald leave. – 06/01/09 11:06:23 PDT

We just saw a trailer for a new avatar racing game called Joy Ride. The game will be free and arrive this winter. – 06/01/09 11:07:50 PDT

Just saw a trailer for Crackdown 2. Excellent! – 06/01/09 11:09:10 PDT

Another sequel. This time, Left 4 Dead 2 - that should please a number of people. – 06/01/09 11:10:17 PDT

Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer now. Looks very cinematic, like some Hollywood movie. – 06/01/09 11:12:04 PDT

As you'd expect, they're talking more about that last one. Two guys from Ubisoft are showing the E3 demo; Sam's going to work on some guy in a dirty little bathroom. – 06/01/09 11:13:37 PDT

Cinematic indeed! The narrative will be worked into the gameplay, projected right into the environment as you play. Sam has some new tricks, too, with more open environments. – 06/01/09 11:15:08 PDT

Since he lives in the shadows, the new EMP grenade should come in handy. We're moving from stealth to straight forward combat now; Sam appears to be just as deadly. – 06/01/09 11:17:12 PDT

Conviction show has ended; it will release exclusively on the 360 this fall. – 06/01/09 11:18:03 PDT

Forza Motorsport 3 is being shown off now. – 06/01/09 11:18:58 PDT

The game is being touted as the "definitive" racing game of this generation. The game has a new graphics engine, 400 cars from 50 makers and new one-button driving. There's also some new user-driven content, including lots more customization. – 06/01/09 11:21:47 PDT

Speaking of user-created content, the game will feature a pretty spiffy-looking video editor that allows players to upload and share their work with others. – 06/01/09 11:24:06 PDT

The game ships this October. Forza section is done now. Halo is up now, with a new ODST trailer being shown. – 06/01/09 11:25:45 PDT

If you've played Crisis, this should seem familiar: you're being dropped in, when an unforseen event separates you from your team. They're showing of some new weapons and visor now. – 06/01/09 11:28:30 PDT

To help piece together the story, the narrative will have The Rookie (that's you) flashing back and playing through the perspective of some other ODST. – 06/01/09 11:29:41 PDT

The game comes out 9/22/09 and will have an all-new co-op mode. A team at Bugie has also been working on another Halo game, which they are unveiling now. – 06/01/09 11:31:18 PDT

The new game is called Halo Reach, and it is coming late 2010. Buying ODST will get you access to the multiplayer beta, though. – 06/01/09 11:32:45 PDT

Alan Wake is alive and well! Remedy is showing off a demo and trailer now. As we've heard before, the story this best-selling writer is working on is coming true and his wife has gone missing. – 06/01/09 11:34:22 PDT

Some rather nice looking environments as we look for a snatched friend in the demo of this survival-horror game. – 06/01/09 11:36:35 PDT

Light seems to play a big part, hurting your enemies and allowing you to finish them off with your weapons. The whole games appears to have an almost constant narrative by Wake himself. – 06/01/09 11:38:14 PDT

The game is coming spring 2010. And that demo is over now. Now onto Xbox LIVE... – 06/01/09 11:39:38 PDT

Microsoft and are bringing music to Xbox LIVE later this year; Gold members will get it for no extra charge. – 06/01/09 11:40:49 PDT

Netflix is expanding in the U.S., with the ability to add movies to your queue and watch them right from your console. U.K. members are getting something similar, but through SKY. – 06/01/09 11:42:18 PDT

Xbox LIVE on Zune will also offer full 1080p movies across 18 countries. – 06/01/09 11:44:02 PDT

Xbox LIVE Party will allow players to watch content together, even in different homes. Facebook is also coming to Xbox LIVE - take that as you will. – 06/01/09 11:45:35 PDT

Facebook has been optimized for Xbox 360, working in an NXE-like fashion and with the ability to invite friends. – 06/01/09 11:46:56 PDT

Facebook Connect will allow you to post screenshots and text from games, starting with a future version of Tiger Woods game. – 06/01/09 11:48:20 PDT

Oh, dear. Twitter is also headed to Xbox LIVE. Both (Twitter and Facebook) will be available this fall. And now we're moving on once again. – 06/01/09 11:49:34 PDT

Ah, looks like they've got at least one more big announcement. The Metal Gear Solid franchise is coming to the Xbox 360. The next game is called Metal Gear Solid Rising, and is already under development. – 06/01/09 11:51:36 PDT

It won't feature Snake (as you might expect), but instead Raiden. – 06/01/09 11:52:36 PDT

They're talking about the actual console now. He says they could add a motion controller...but they won't. Instead, we're getting what looks like a new Xbox LIVE Vision camera. – 06/01/09 11:55:55 PDT

It looks like you can scan in items, and it will feature facial and voice recognition. It will be called Project Natal. – 06/01/09 11:58:40 PDT

It will work with every future Xbox console (not sure if that is just the 360, or the Xbox period). Spielberg is taking the stage now to help talk about this new device and coming software. – 06/01/09 12:00:14 PDT

They're showing a demo of Project Natal and how it works with even the Xbox 360 dashboard. As you move, your avatar will, too (seems a little wonky, but we'll assume it is early). The game also lets you flip through sections like Minority Report. – 06/01/09 12:05:30 PDT

They're showing the first game now - and taking some swipes at Nintendo - with a full-body, Breakout-style game called Ricochet – 06/01/09 12:07:04 PDT

Next game is called Paint Party; sort of like third-person figer painting with voice commands, too. – 06/01/09 12:09:04 PDT

Project Natal is going out to devs today. Lionhead is now on stage, they're working on a creepy sort of game called Milo. It's like simulated child in your console. – 06/01/09 12:15:30 PDT

Using Natal, Milo reacts to the motion of your voice, your actions and even items your present to the console. – 06/01/09 12:16:57 PDT

They're wrapping up now. Like so many of the other games, Milo will be shown at E3, but behind closed doors and only to a select few. – 06/01/09 12:18:43 PDT

And that appears to be the end of the entire Microsoft media briefing; Sony and Nintendo have some big shoes to fill tomorrow. – 06/01/09 12:21:52 PDT

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