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Xbox 360 Review: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Does this port measure up to its PC success?
By VGGEN Staff 07/29/2008 18:44:10 PST

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The Quake franchise was instrumental in pioneering online multiplayer games. The original Quake introduced many people to online multiplayer in general, and the series went through two true sequels and an online only title. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars acts as a sequel to both the Quake universe and the Enemy Territory series. Enemy Territory was the baby of developer Splash Damage. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was an online game released for free in 2003, and it brought a class-based multiplayer system that had been largely missing from gaming due to Team Fortress II’s lengthy development time. Spash Damage was subsequently tapped by id Software to follow up Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory by developing a similar title set in the Quake universe, which is now on Xbox 360 via a port by Nerve Software.

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