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Xbox 360 Owners Now Playing Online with Silver Accounts?
A limited roster of titles now appears to be playable for Silver gamers.
By VGGEN Staff 07/28/2008 08:14:04 PST

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According to numerous online reports, it appears that Microsoft's decision last Tuesday to allow Games for Windows - Live multiplayer functionality for free on PC has also had an unexpected benefit for Xbox 360 gamers as well.  Specifically, it appears that cross-platform titles can now be played online on Xbox 360 with only a mere Silver account.  Thus far, titles that appear to be playable online using an Xbox Live Silver account include cross-platformers Shadowrun, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition, and Universe at War: Earth Assault.

This of course brings up a bigger question...could the day be coming when we can play everything online on the Xbox 360 for free?  Although hardcore Xbox fans are used to paying for the Gold service (going back to the original Xbox), there seems to be mounting pressure on Microsoft to reduce the costs of online gaming somehow with Sony's online service (and to a much lesser extent, Nintendo's) continuing to improve while staying free of charge.  We can dream, right?

Original Source: Kotaku

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