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Jetpac Rockets Onto Xbox 360 Next Wednesday
Rare retro rebirth rockets to retail.
By Jared Black 03/24/2007 10:43:45 PST

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Jetpac Refuelled

Microsoft has announced that Rare's remake of 1983 title Jetpac, entitled Jetpac Refuelled, will be available for download this Wednesday, March 28th at 2am PDT. You can read more about the game, which will retail for a mere 400 Microsoft Points, in the press release below:

"Jetpac Refuelled" Rockets Onto Xbox LIVE Arcade

A galactic test pilot's work is never done, and in Rare's "Jetpac Refuelled" gamers have to fight off pesky aliens while trying to build rockets to take them to their next destination. "Jetpac Refuelled" will be available for download exclusively on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 beginning Wednesday, March 28 at 0900 GMT (2:00 a.m. PDT).

Rare's "Jetpac Refuelled" is a revamped and modernized version of the 1983 classic space blaster "Jetpac." In "Jetpac Refuelled," players must clear a path through hordes of aliens to refuel their ship and amass a fortune over the course of 128 hi-definition levels, complete with achievements, leaderboards and simultaneous multiplayer action. Compared to the original "Jetpac," which included 16 levels, "Jetpac Refuelled" provides players with everything they loved in the classic, plus 128 new levels of enhanced gameplay.

"Jetpac Refuelled" can be played alone, or against another player on the same console or over Xbox LIVE. The game will be available worldwide for 400 Microsoft Points and is rated "E" for Everyone.

Game Features

  • Includes two versions of the game
    • Retro The classic 1980s version
    • Refuelled Rare's 2007 remake of the classic "Jetpac" comes complete with entirely new hi-def graphics, menacing enemies, new smartbombs that produce an electromagnetic pulse, modernized weapon upgrades and updated gameplay for modern gamers
  • Earn up to 12 Achievements and 200 Gamerscore points
  • Completely updated graphical look of the game gives Xbox LIVE Arcade gamers a truly hi-def and in-depth gaming experience

More information is available at

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