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Rumor: Xbox 360 Elite to Come with Transfer Cable
Transfer cable to be included with the new 360 SKU?
By Eric Rehm 03/22/2007 13:06:58 PST

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Xbox 360

After having confirmed the existance of the Black "Elite" Xbox 360 that's scheduled to come out next month, Kotaku also brings word of a nice rumor to go along with it.

An anonymous tip sent to Ars Technica, received from someone at a "Large game distributor", said...

"MS disclosed this SKU to us a few weeks ago--definitely not a fake story. Price, features, color are all correct. MS has told us that the data will be transferred via some sort of cable that will be included with the unit. The cable will also be included w/ the 120GB drive that will be sold separately (price TBD)."

While still a rumor, this makes sense, and quells many people's worries about how they'd possibly be able to transfer data from their 20GB hard drive to the shiny new 120GB one.  We're assuming the new hard drive would be powered via one of the system's USB ports (and possibly even have data transferred that way as well), although that has not been confirmed.

Source: Kotaku

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