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Black Xbox 360 With HDMI & 120 GB HDD Confirmed
New 'Elite' system to retail for $479, says Game Informer.
By Jared Black 03/20/2007 16:57:42 PST

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Xbox 360

The April issue of Game Informer has already proven its worth, confirming the title of Naughty Dog's upcoming PS3 title and revealing Pandemic's new WWII title Saboteur.

Now, popular blog Kotaku claims (with a convincing scan of the magazine to prove it) that the rumors of a beefed-up Xbox 360 (now known as the Elite)are indeed true. The magazine reports that the new Xbox 360 will be black, and come with a 120GB hard drive, HDMI output, and an HDMI cable. Unlike previous rumors, the system will not come with an HD-DVD drive, reportedly because the format is still unproven. The price for this super-system will be a cool $479.

Of course, April Fool's concerns always rear their ugly head this time of year, but Kotaku has gotten confirmation from GI senior editor Matt Helgeson that this is indeed true, and that the system should be released sometime in April.

Source: Kotaku

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