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Two Xbox 360 Call of Duty Special Editions Now Available
Get Call of Duty 3: GOLD Edition, or CoD2 for half the price.
By Andrew Joy 03/13/2007 13:49:37 PST

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Call of Duty 3

Alongside the announcement that Call of Duty: Roads to Victory was now available for the PlayStation Portable, Activision also offered a little something for gamers who think the theater of war should always be shown on a big screen. Along the same lines of last year’s Call of Duty 2: Game of the Year, which included a bonus DVD and codes redeemable for extra multiplayer maps on the Xbox 360, Call of Duty 3 GOLD Edition for the Xbox 360 can now be picked up for $59.99. This time, a DVD shows you how Treyarch developed this World War II masterpiece (which you can find a full review of here) and it also includes accounts with veterans of the war, and, once again, redeemable codes can be found for more multiplayer maps. Call of Duty 2: Platinum Hits Extended Edition for the Xbox 360 is essentially the same game as Call of Duty 2: GOTY (which you can read a review of here), only available of the bargain price of $29.99. As always, more information about these two games can be found in the full press release below:

Santa Monica, CA – March 13, 2007 – Strap your boots on! The non-stop battle of World War II is now in the palm of your hand. Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced that Call of Duty®: Roads to Victory for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, developed by Amaze Entertainment, a division of Foundation 9 Entertainment, has shipped to retailers nationwide. Players are now set to experience on the PSP system the signature cinematic intensity and chaos of battle from the premier WWII first-person action franchise. Call of Duty: Roads to Victory is rated “T” for Teen (blood, language and violence) by the ESRB and carries a suggested retail price of $39.99.

In conjunction with the new release for the PSP system, Activision’s all-out assault this spring includes the release of special edition versions of Call of Duty favorites, Call of Duty® 3 Gold and Call of Duty® 2 Platinum Hits, both for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory features all-new missions and thrusts players directly into the boots of an 82nd Airborne Division infantry soldier, a Canadian First Army rifleman and an elite British Parachute Regiment commando. Designed from the ground up with the Call of Duty intensity and non-stop action, the title enables gamers to select from four diverse control schemes, a multitude of multiplayer options and a number of widely varied gameplay challenges such as mounted machine gun battles, sniper encounters and aircraft attacks to deliver the most lifelike WWII adventure ever to grace the PSP system.

For console fans, Call of Duty 3: GOLD Edition continues the adrenaline rushing, heart-pounding intensity of the original Call of Duty 3, now including a redeemable code used to obtain a free Call of Duty 3 multiplayer map pack available on Xbox Live® Marketplace. This special edition features a bonus DVD, complete with behind-the-scenes footage from the developers at Treyarch and heroic tales from war veterans. Call of Duty 3: GOLD Edition for Xbox 360 is available for a suggested retail price of $59.99 and rated “T” for Teen (blood, mild language and violence) by the ESRB.

For even more Call of Duty action, fans of the hit Call of Duty 2, the leading next-generation launch title, can pick up a copy of Call of Duty 2: Platinum Hits Expanded Edition. The special edition is only the fifth title to reach Platinum Hits status for Xbox 360 and features an exclusive DVD with developer interviews from Infinity Ward, historical accounts of real WWII battles, and mission walkthroughs. Call of Duty 2: Platinum Hits Expanded Edition is available for a suggested retail price of $29.99 and rated “T” for Teen (blood, language and violence) by the ESRB.

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