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Prince of Persia Coming to Xbox 360?
You didn't think the franchise was dead, did you?
By Jared Black 03/04/2007 10:52:27 PST

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Prince of Persia Concept Art

According to online reports, the latest issue of OXM UK reveals that Ubisoft is working on a new installment in the Prince of Persia franchise for (at least) the Xbox 360.

Little is known about the game, except that the first piece of artwork depicts the prince with a gauntlet, which is rumored to be customizable with new weapons throughout the game. The game is also supposedly to focus more on the platforming elements that made the prince a household name, and less on the combat found in later installments. Since the original trilogy has also concluded, we can also most likely expect an all-new storyline.

Source: PALGN





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