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Xbox 360 Off to Slow Start in Japan
Only 39% of allocated consoles sold, and less than one game purchased per console thus far.
By Jared Black 12/13/2005 10:11:50 PST

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According to a report filed by the Associated Press citing market researcher Enterbrain, over the weekend Microsoft sold just 62,135, or 39%, of the 159,000 consoles reportedly allocated for the Japanese launch. The cool reception does not bode well for Microsoft's plan to sell 1 million units in the country by mid-2006. By comparison, the original Xbox sold roughly 123,000 units in its first three days.

Enterbrain also reported that some stores reported customers canceling pre-orders due to the delay of Dead or Alive 4, with many preferring to wait until that game's release to purchase a console. The lack of a true "killer app" is evidenced in the software sales, where an average of 0.91 games have been purchased per console so far. The most popular title has reportedly been Ridge Racer 6, with Perfect Dark Zero a distant second.

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