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E3 2010: Microsoft Press Conference: Kinect, Xbox 360, More!
Kinect demos, exclusive games and more!
By Jared Black 06/14/2010 12:01:43 PST

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Xbox 360

And it's onnnnnnnnn!!!!!! Starts with a clip of CoD: Black Ops and Treyarch.... – 06/14/10 10:34:01 PDT

Odd choice to start given all the Infinity Ward/Treyarch drama of the past few months. – 06/14/10 10:34:44 PDT

It's the jungle...hijacking a Hind and taking to the skies. Looks fun of course. – 06/14/10 10:37:46 PDT

Kinect time, standard "change everything" fanfare. – 06/14/10 10:42:19 PDT

Hideo! – 06/14/10 10:42:25 PDT

First footage of MGS: Rising, will support Kinect apparently. Based on world that means "cut" and "take"...swordplay with Kinect? – 06/14/10 10:44:17 PDT

Impressive footage of Raiden cutting up people...and melons...into pieces. Looks solid (see what I did there?!?!?) – 06/14/10 10:46:35 PDT

Phil Spencer up now from the other MGS (Microsoft Game Studios) – 06/14/10 10:46:57 PDT

Promises the rest of the show will be about exclusives, hence CoD starting the show apparently. – 06/14/10 10:48:14 PDT

Cliff B. up now to demo GoW 3, with 4 player live co-op. – 06/14/10 10:48:58 PDT

Brutal, bloody, gory...yep, Gears of War! – 06/14/10 10:51:09 PDT

Cliffy talking throughout the live demo to make it seem more awesomer...really don't need to do that, looks good enough as is. – 06/14/10 10:52:52 PDT

Polite applause for GOW3, now Peter Molyneux with Fable III – 06/14/10 10:54:19 PDT

Fable III shipping October 26th, will take player throughout Albion history. – 06/14/10 10:55:39 PDT

Fable III - "It's a revolution," looks Steampunk-ish. – 06/14/10 10:56:35 PDT

Trailer now for a new exclusive from...someone. – 06/14/10 10:57:00 PDT

Crytek: Codename Kingdoms. Trailer didn't reveal much, looks like a mythological war game. – 06/14/10 10:57:54 PDT

Halo: Reach demo of campaign mode. – 06/14/10 10:59:17 PDT

No surprises there, except perhaps the ending with a bit of space combat. – 06/14/10 11:04:37 PDT

Corp. President Marc Whitten now... – 06/14/10 11:04:53 PDT

25 million now on Xbox Live, Kinect demo now. – 06/14/10 11:05:43 PDT

Xbox 360 power + Xbox Live + Kinect = revolution for all entertainment – 06/14/10 11:06:03 PDT

Haven't we heard this same "all-in-one" entertainment pitch for the past 10 years or so? – 06/14/10 11:06:24 PDT

Engineer "Ron" now demoing the new interface with Kinect....wave to sign in, wave to go to controller-free menu. – 06/14/10 11:07:01 PDT

Zune + Kinect = use hands to select movie to watch, showing off Alice in Wonderland. – 06/14/10 11:08:14 PDT

Use hands to scroll movie in real-time with Kinect and Zune, very impressive I must say. – 06/14/10 11:08:42 PDT

"Xbox Pause" and "Xbox Play" pauses and starts the movie, no remotes or controllers. Saying "Xbox Play Music" brings up music – 06/14/10 11:09:38 PDT

So, yeah, point is that Kinect + Zune makes it easy to view/listen to media without using devices. Can't complain about that. – 06/14/10 11:10:17 PDT

Kinect and Xbox Live will be in every country Xbox 360 is sold, Xbox Live coming to Windows-based phones. – 06/14/10 11:10:58 PDT

Video Kinect lets you video chat without a headset with people on Xbox Live and Windows Live Messenger – 06/14/10 11:12:41 PDT

Video Kinect uses Bing branded entertainment for party watching of content as well. – 06/14/10 11:13:52 PDT

Kinect tracks you as you move to keep you in the camera shot. Script is brutal though. – 06/14/10 11:14:34 PDT

ESPN partnership now, 3,500 live and on-demand events through the partnership. Soccer, NBA, MLB...basically every major sport. – 06/14/10 11:16:26 PDT

No NFL apparently, booooo. – 06/14/10 11:17:16 PDT

Josh Elliot and Trey Wingo on-stage because we wouldn't understand this without them...or something. – 06/14/10 11:17:53 PDT

Kinect lets you vote on the game and interact in general. – 06/14/10 11:19:20 PDT

Kinda like the "Everybody Votes" channel on Wii, but more real-time with trivia and stuff. – 06/14/10 11:20:06 PDT scores and stuff also available in a live feed. – 06/14/10 11:20:54 PDT

No extra cost for content for Xbox Live Gold members. Well, yeah, that's the way it should be guys. – 06/14/10 11:22:06 PDT

Kinect creative director on now, wearing large sunglasses and a purple overcoat....BECAUSE HE'S ABOUT HAVING FUN, GEDDIT?!?!? – 06/14/10 11:22:47 PDT

Showing off six launch games: Kinectimals first (wow that looks cute) – 06/14/10 11:24:52 PDT

The little girl they got to show off this demo is awesome, really enjoying it and poised. Shows off petting, instructing pet to get things, hiding from it, etc. Nintendogs for Xbox 360 basically, with other animals and no controller. 40 animals, 30 activities.. – 06/14/10 11:26:40 PDT

Kinect Sports now demo'd by a guy from Rare. Looks better than Wii Sports of course. – 06/14/10 11:27:57 PDT

Event showed off is 200m hurdle in track and field (running in place). Minor Kinect adjustment required first. – 06/14/10 11:29:15 PDT

Other games: soccer, bowling, misc. track and field, boxing (wow that looks familiar), beach volleyball, paddle ball.... (all played with avatars) – 06/14/10 11:30:10 PDT

Kinect Joy Ride: fake steering wheel kart racing with stunts. – 06/14/10 11:32:17 PDT

Kinect Adventures: demo shows guy riding cart, using body to dodge obstacles and collect things. Automatic split-screen when someone joins (neat). – 06/14/10 11:33:23 PDT

Two women now rafting in "River Rush" – 06/14/10 11:36:06 PDT

Other Kinect launch games from 3rd parties: Ubisoft Your Shape: Fitness Evolved – 06/14/10 11:37:48 PDT

I was expecting a demo reel there, but apparently Ubisoft is going to talk first. – 06/14/10 11:38:05 PDT

Scans body into game (including clothing) with complete measurements. – 06/14/10 11:40:12 PDT

Just realized the past 45 minutes or so have almost all been casual-focused...and I'm OK with that. *gulp* – 06/14/10 11:40:59 PDT

OK, so the Your Shape demo was kinda boring, but functioned like you'd expect. – 06/14/10 11:44:26 PDT

Lead producer of Dance Central from MTV Games now dancing to Bobby Brown's "Poison" – 06/14/10 11:45:36 PDT

Technology finally allows Harmonix to make the dance game they wanted to make. Soundtrack of pop hits with DLC coming, routines developed with professionals. – 06/14/10 11:47:25 PDT

Three people dancing now to No Doubt, assuming this isn't smoke and mirrors it's pretty impressive. – 06/14/10 11:49:33 PDT

Finally Kinect details: worldwide launch this holiday season. Starting November 4th in North America, 15 titles at launch, fully compatible with all existing Xbox 360's (even my gimpy 20GB). – 06/14/10 11:51:04 PDT

Trailer feature actual gameplay from Star Wars Kinect title. Controlling lightsaber with Kinect, slashing robots and deflecting laser blasts. Movement forward definitely seems on-rails. – 06/14/10 11:52:09 PDT

Star Wars Kinect in 2011, not launch. :( – 06/14/10 11:52:26 PDT

Forza 4: drive with imaginary steering wheel, look around cockpit in real-time while driving (NICE). – 06/14/10 11:54:53 PDT

Car geeks should love the ability to look all around the car via Kinect, hardly a selling point though except for huge exotics. Forza 4 in 2011. – 06/14/10 11:56:26 PDT

Xbox 360 Slim: black, quiet, 250 GB hard drive, built-in wi-fi 802.11N, Kinect ready (whatever that means), same price ($299). – 06/14/10 11:59:03 PDT

Xbox 360 Slim shipping...TODAY. Wow. Like the Saturn, just not launch itself. Everyone in the audience is getting a free Xbox 360 Oprah! – 06/14/10 12:00:16 PDT

And that's it. 1.5 hours, free Xbox 360s for the audience, Kinect looks impressive and *very* causal-oriented. Good showing overall. – 06/14/10 12:01:43 PDT

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